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Psychological quest

Do something you never dared to do before!

“Most people have a goal that they can achieve before the end of the week, and they make it a lifelong dream.”


- Aah, I see! Another marathon...

- Quest?

- Quest

- What is this?

- In other words, an adventure in which YOU will be the main character!

- This is an interactive story with the main character! The most important elements of such a game are storytelling and exploration of the world, solving puzzles and tasks that require mental effort from the player.

We ourselves are incredibly tired of marathons. Let's finally not run with our tongues over our shoulders, but let's get there calmly, please?

Terra of Incarnations psychological quest

Then we know exactly how you feel! We had the same ones.

How I wanted someone to push me, to have a like-minded person nearby and inspire me in difficult times.

That's why we came up with a quest that brings it all together: it has adventure, puzzles, a partner and inspiration!

Terra of Incarnations psychological quest

Have you ever caught yourself thinking like this?



Now, I’ll just study/prepare/save a little more, and then I’ll start doing what I dream about!



Yes, I’ve already tried it 100 times! Well, it doesn't work! And I have no idea what’s going on!



Yes, everything seems clear. But something is not clear. But where to start?

Terra of Incarnations psychological quest
Terra of Incarnations psychological quest

TERRA OF INcarnations

So, what do we get?


We get to know each other and the rules for successful participation, look for a partner, choose a dream.


Do we know everything about ourselves? Or maybe there are misconceptions? Or maybe they are not even ours? We are looking for misconceptions that prevent us from achieving what we want.

We get to know each other and the rules for successful participation, look for a partner, choose a dream.

Переработанная бумага

So, what do we get?


Sometimes it’s difficult to achieve a dream because it’s too general and it’s not clear what to grasp. Here you will find exactly your drive, the energy to move on.

map color-02.png

Here you will encounter destructive beliefs, look them in the eyes. And the ability to use your strengths and weaknesses will help you in this.

sea of doubts-02.png

At this stage, you will learn that your goal is not as far away from you as you previously thought.


All previously obtained results will be useful here. You will face your fears and learn to act in spite of them.


Where can I find strength and not turn off in the middle of the path?! You will learn ways to self-motivate in moments of stupor.

Terra of Incarnations psychological quest

How not to fold at a decisive moment and not return to what is familiar, but not always effective? You will see  new doors of opportunity and choose where to go.


There is no theory here, only practice. We will support you, and you will take real steps towards your dream.


That very moment when a dream begins to come true and you can look back and see how much has been done. You will learn to notice your achievements and increase your speed.

Well, okay, how does it work?


Each participant receives a map that will lead him to the goal. 


There are 8 levels on the map. You will receive theory and quest assignments, which will arrive 2 times a week.


Tasks will be sent to the telegram channel in the form of audio messages and duplicated in text.


You will have a buddy (partner) and a support group of other quest participants.


 action, adventure, detective


1 month


30 игроков в квесте 

And who conducts it?


Feedback from participants

Terra of Incarnations psychological quest Psychologist Elena Oks

Elena Oks

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In this quest, I want you to blow off the dust from what has long been desired and planned, evaluate your dreams and possibilities at the moment, clear out the chests of what is important and not so important, actively resist with us and think: “Or maybe it’s okay...” , and then they would do something that they had not dared to do before.


Lana Kudinova

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I used to be a little jealous of artists, cooks and musicians. In their works they have the opportunity to express their perception of the world. What can a psychologist express?! His task is to listen and “reflect” the client. But we have so much knowledge (in various areas of psychology, philosophy, anthropology). I would like this quest to help you see the world through our eyes - the world in which everything is possible!

Tariffs and Dates

Start of 3 stream - date to be confirmed,

stay tuned

You can also write to me using any convenient communication format to clarify the dates and rates of the next stream.


+41 77 929 29 36

WhatsApp  | +972 54 33 99 4 77

In the meantime, read how everything will happen!
(But remember, it will be very difficult for us to help you with this project if you don't know what you want)
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