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Psychologist Elena Oks

Good afternoon

My name is Elena Oks and I welcome you to my website.


Now, of course, I need to talk about myself, my professional experience and the tools that I use in my work. Then it’s a good idea to write an article on why you should go to a psychologist, how to choose a professional and dispel at least five myths about counseling. And I will definitely do all this...

But now...


If you came to me in pre-online times, the first thing I would do is sit you down in a cozy, easy chair, offer you hot tea or coffee, or maybe just water with a slice of lemon and a couple of crackers. I would give you the opportunity to look around, listen to the place and to me, get comfortable, and only after that I would offer to get acquainted. I always start first to give you time to collect your thoughts and reduce some of your anxiety if you have any.


I am a psychologist. I am a member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (Psychologin FSP). I work a lot on the topic of relationships, and it turns out that people come to me with requests to help build communication with a partner or to understand why in different relationships everything repeats itself and seems to go in a vicious circle. This could be a marital relationship, a work relationship, or a parent-child relationship. And both with young children and grown adults.

The second frequent request in my practice is a way out of a crisis situation. There may be a crisis before a divorce, moving to a new country (I myself have experience of two emigrations), searching for myself (this is a crisis of losing myself, a feeling of confusion when it is not clear what I want and where to move next). And, of course, conditions associated with crises - anxiety, depression, apathy, anger, etc.

A cup of tea

A few facts about me


I was born in Moscow, immigrated to Israel, and then moved to Switzerland.


I am licensed as a psychologist in all 3 countries and have over 500 hours of personal therapy.


The main direction of my work and area of scientific interests is Transactional Analysis, I completed a three-year program for training TA analysts.


I have a hobby - I developed and opened a store selling themed diaries. For example, my special pride is the Traveler's Diary for adults and for children aged 7-10 years.


For the last year and a half, I have been actively working in a project of psychological support for Ukrainian refugees.More details here, if you want to support us. 


One of my specializations is perinatal psychologist. I work with women who have difficulty conceiving to explore possible psychological reasons for this situation.


On the channelYoutube I collected 15 video interviews with colleagues from various psychotherapeutic areas, where we tried to talk in clear language about what happens in sessions with psychologists from various schools.


I'm married and have two incredible daughters.


Diplomas and education

I believe that a psychologist can help with what he himself went through on his own. Not because he knows and remembers his client’s pain, but because his inner response to his client’s path helps to build a work plan, select words or techniques that are important at the moment, and provide support where it is needed.

Диплом психологиа Елена Окс
certificate ACT (1)_edited.jpg
Diploma in psychology Elena Oks
cert Depress_edited.jpg
Transactional analysis Elena Oks
Diploma in psychology Elena Oks
Diploma in psychology Elena Oks
Diploma in psychology Elena Oks
Diplomas Elena Oks
Diploma in psychosomatics Elena Oks
Sexology diploma Elena Oks
Transactional analysis diploma Elena Oks
Diploma in psychology Elena Oks
Erickson Therapy diploma psychologist Elena Oks
Diploma in psychology Elena Oks
Licensed psychologist-Israel Elena OKs.jpg

Have questions?

I will be happy to answer you

Thank you! I will contact you soon

Psychologist Elena Oks



+41 77 929 29 36

WhatsApp  | +972 54 33 99 4 77

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