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Individual counseling

About dialogue with yourself, accepting your starting point and choosing your path


You catch yourself feeling lost, angry or sad; previous goals and achievements have lost their color and meaning.

Perhaps you want:

- understand your real desires;

- find what is right for you; learn new things;

- overcome old barriers and fears;

- that is - to hear yourself build a relationship with yourself.


Or maybe?...


You are on the verge of a critical situation or are already deep in it, or maybe you are facing a difficult decision, choice, or you are having a life crisis.

Then perhaps you want:

- make the right decisions for yourself;

- find support and resources;

- determine a plan, get your bearings;

- continue your journey and feel at home in it.


Be that as it may, we will work with your request and move in the direction that will be right for you.


The indicated price assumes an online consultation format lasting 60 minutes.

The cost of online consultation is 100 CHF

The cost of a face-to-face consultation in Zurich is 125 CHF

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