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Changing your life is much easier than it seems.
Sometimes it is important just to start, to take any step big or very small. The beginning of a movement initiates a lot of different processes - it focuses attention, forms expectations, specifies desires, etc. Ideally, we want our plans to become more and more detailed so that with each step it becomes more and more clear how to reach the end.

Wish Diary - it's a Goal Setting Planner, which help you to:
- Realize your real desires
- Choose a few goals and bring them to life by:
🔸Becoming aware of what your desire looks like
🔹Creating a real plan with concrete steps and advices for goals step tracking
🔸Making deadlines and focusing on productivity
- Analyze and work out your inhibiting emotions if they exist, for example: fear.

Wish Diary wants to help make this time more conscious, alive, and a bit magical.

You will find in Wish Diary 8 Steps to make your wish come true. Each Step contains different practical questions to lead you towards your desire.


One Wish Diary is designed to work with THREE goals. At the same time, it will help you to understand your values and priorities for setting other goals and desires.

Wish Diary A5 - three (3) goals planner

38,80 CHFЦена
  • A5 format (148 x 210 mm)
    Pages – 54
    Material: 160 g / m² Recycling paper
    Cover - 300 g/m² with Recycling paper

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