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"It's Never Too Early to Start Exploring The World!"
The amazing Travel Journal for kids is a real adventure book, that your little one fulfill by him/herself.

Imagine, you are going on a trip with a child who is between 6 and 10 years old, and you likely already know what to expect:
- increased child anxiety
- increased aggression
- lots and lots of questions
- plenty of responsibility

The Travel Kid Journal is a tool that will help you all cope with these emerging difficulties, while helping you prepare for your trip.

Here are the goals of this journal:
- to prepare for travel: discuss different questions, stimulate the child to make some of their own decisions, for example, what they would like to take with them
- to reduce anxiety if the child is sensitive to changes
- to enjoy quality time together
- to occupy the child, on the road for example

The Travel Journal consists of:
- A section for important contact information such as the address of your accommodation, important phone numbers, instructions in case of emergency.
- A fun section where you can prepare your little traveler for the features of the road, discuss transport and how the trip will develop.
- A section with questions about the place you’re visiting. For example, the country’s flag, their interesting traditions and what national foods you’ll be able to try.
- Travel plan: a section where you can discuss what kind of activities you want to do and preserve special mementos such as tickets, postcards, etc.
- A place where your little traveler can write down their impressions of the day and draw their feelings.
- Memories: a place to remember the interesting details of the trip, fun activities, meetings and overall impressions.
- A place where people you meet can leave their well wishes and contact information.

All of the questions are blended in with coloring and games, so your little one can have fun filling out the diary in any order, on their own or with your help.
We would love to hear your feedback and stories about how the Travel Kid Journal helped you turn your trip into a memorable adventure.

Kid's Travel Journal & Adventure Book

Артикул: 364115376135191
33,80 CHFЦена
  • A5 format (148 x 210 mm)
    Pages – 56
    Material: 160 g/m² Recycling paper
    Cover - 300 g/m² Recycling paper

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