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You can have a trip without planning anything, but getting new impressions of not only the destination but also of yourself will require some thought.


The perfect Inspirational Travel Journal is a tool that will help you to look at your journey in a completely different way, even if you are going to a place for the tenth time. This mini diary will help you to think about how to turn any trip into a real journey. Full of travel essentials, this lightweight notebook is all you need for your overseas and domestic adventures. Jam-packed with packing and itinerary lists, travel diagrams, day-by-day note taking and space memories.

You will find out:
🔥How to challenge yourself and accept it. 

🌊How to prepare for the journey without being distracted by household trifles. And if you are distracted, then to know why this is happening to you.
🔥How to set priorities for the trip and do what you are really interested in.
🌊And most important, inside you will find an analysis tool for analyzing each day of your trip, which will help you plan and adjust your trip at any time.

Travel Journal consists of:
🔸Expectations: questions about your expectations for the journey.
🔹Travel Plan and Travel Preparation: for trip preparation.
🔸Packing List and Home Care: to help you pack everything you need and leave the house
🔹Positive Thinking: to help you to be positive about your journey. (Print one for each day and fill it out each morning)
🔸Travel Day Page: to help you analyze each day of the trip and give it a rating.
🔹Memories (two pages): to remember the interesting details of the trip, pleasant events, meetings and impressions.
🔸Travel Diagram: to help summarize the entire trip and show in graph form a curve of impressions.

One Travel Diary is designed to prepare and experience three journeys! A perfect gift idea for graduating students about to head off on their gap year journey!

We would love your feedback and stories of how Travel Diary helped you turned a trip into an adventure.

Travel Dairy A5 - three (3) trips planner

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