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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao Tzu


Awareness is the first step on the way to achieving life balance. Sometimes we set goals that satisfy our loved ones but not ourselves. For example, we may want to meet the expectations of our parents or maybe we want to do the complete opposite of what they want. Neither of these scripts are real freedom because we are neglecting our own desires. Changes begin with an understanding of what is happening.

The Colors of Life technique is a variation of the famous Paul John Meyer exercise The Wheel of Life Balance.
This technique helps you analyze satisfaction in different areas of your life. Satisfaction is made up of different aspects, so you will be helped by leading questions for each of the areas that are located inside.

You'll find inside two sheets:
1. The instructions for work and tips for filling out
2. The form to fill out and questions to think about for each area of life
3. Two pages for notes and insights

By completing this technique, you will able to:
• Set your own priorities
• Understand in which area changes should begin
• Understand what is missing to feel good
• Formulate your personal goals

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Life Balance Wheel

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